Ouffer for Businesses

Ouffer uses the power of group buying and social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to bring lots of new customers to local businesses. Ouffer.com is unique in that it:

- Guarantees a minimum number of customers.

- Exposes your business to thousands of potential customers by delivering a custom feature straight to their inbox.

We feature one business at a time on our website and also e-mail our members who are interested in hearing about the best things to do, see, taste and experience in Sydney. We work with you to provide our members with an incentive to give your business a try.

Guaranteed Minimum

The incentive that we share with our members is only valid if enough people sign up for the offer. We work with you to determine the minimum number of customers.


If "The Min" is reached, our members prepay for the offer on our website. In order to redeem the offer, your new customers will bring in their printed Ouffer containing a unique ID.

Contact Us

If you would like to know about working with Ouffer, please e-mail businesses@ouffer.com.

What businesses are saying:

"Ouffer has given us more exposure than all other major restaurant and hospitality-based websites combined! Team Monal would like to thank everyone at Ouffer for doing a great job and giving us extra publicity and traffic. Thanks!"

- Vishal, Owner of Monal Wine and Cafe

"Very Pleased...thank you very much for the 'ouffer' and I would love to work with you again in the future."

- Jayden, Owner of Paragon Studios

"We are very happy with the Ouffer promotion and would be keen to be involved in future offers."

- Marc, Owner of Bistro Lilly